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Commanders Corner

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Commanders Corner

August 2019

For my fellow Legionnaires, Auxiliary, Sons and Riders;


For my first Commander's Corner, I would like to talk about the work we do as a team and how important it is to participate and me a member of our wonderful organization. This past year has been full of changes and struggles, a lot of which passed down from many years of improper operation and training opportunities that did not occur to correct mistakes. I want all to know I do not blame any one individual or employee, current or former, but we all need to accept ownership for our post. What was, is the way it was and we are rebuilding on a solid foundation of legal processes and and accountability that will restore the Post to maintain its integrity


We continue ti struggle financially, as we do each summer, as membership continues ti enjoy the Pacific Northwest and a fantastic weather pattern that makes lounge sales slump and hours cut back. Active participation is what we need by the membership for the doors remain open. With the passage of the "Legion Act", any honorably discharged veteran since December 7, 1941 until cessation of hostilities (as mandated by congress) is now qualified to membership within the American Legion. This also qualifies wives and children for Auxiliary and Son's of the American Legion. By this act, it will finally allow us to recognize those who have served and supported in the past during peace time. Bring yourselves and your family to the Post and enjoy our camaraderie. Bring up suggestion to make our/your post better and more entertaining, volunteer or just participate in activities, The handful of officers and staff are doing their best to make improvements and meet the needs of our membership. But that all takes effort and money to achieve a successful post and efforts fail if there are no participants.


I am looking forward to a successful year, reemergence of a strong and happy post for the 2019-2020 Legion Year and many more into the future


Thank you for the honor of this position and I will do my very best for all of you.




H. Dave Marsland

Commander Post 149

Commanders Corner

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