Albert C. Kean Post 149 General Meeting Minutes


Meeting Date:                                                                                                                                                                                                  

October 18, 2022

Time: 1803

Roll Call of Officers: (P =Present, E = Excused, A = Absent, V = Vacant. F= Fill In)



Dave Marsland E




Willie Nelson P


Kate Halloran P

1st Vice Commander:

Dave Garrett P

Sr. Color Bearer:


2nd Vice Commander:

Luis Barbero P

Jr. Color Bearer:


Jr. Past Commander:

Dave Garrett P


Dave Riley P

Finance Officer:

Rick Baker P

Service Officer:





Position/Post Representing:

Sheryl Baker

149 Auxiliary Unit


Draping of the Charter:



Opening of the Meeting:


The meeting was opened in the normal manner by 1st Vice Commander Dave Garrett @  1803.

  15   Members, including Officers,     1     Guests


Minutes of previous meeting:

Motion to accept the reading of the minutes made by Paul Nelson , seconded by  Hunter Tripp, motion carried.


Finance Officer’s Report:

Finance Officers report read, Motion to accept made by Elizabeth Schuette , seconded by Paul Nelson , motion Carried.


Statements from Guests:

Sheryl Baker- Kids Halloween Party was a big success, thank you to Honour Robinson and Kermit Carslan for their support.

Oct 22- Octoberfest at the post, Games and Prizes,

Oct 29- Post Halloween Party, Prizes for various events.

Nov Steak Night host by Aux will forward conations to the Down Rider Fund,

Nov 12- Early Bird Dinner,

Mid November a Silent Auction and Almond Roca sales to go until Dec 17.

Dec 6- Aux will hold their Christmas party off site from the post

Sick call:

Bert Montgomery S.A.L.- Cancer treatments

New Members and Transfers:

New- 2, Transfers- 0  Motion to accept by Adjutant Nelson, Seconded by   Elizabeth Schuette  , Motion carried


Membership (Goal 495 ): (Dave Garrett)

-   207  Traditional + 77 PUFL= 284 (    57.4 %_) as of 10/14/22 Department Report




Activities: (Luis Barbero)

- Wednesdays. 3-ball pool games with hot dogs 3PM

- Thursdays- Ping Pong 2PM

- Fridays Post has King of Clubs 6PM

- Nov 5 Steak Night. Auxiliary is hosting

- Post Halloween Party will be October 29, Costume contest and prizes


Building: (Rick Baker/Larry Phillips)

- Front Reader Board removed and Brick sealed. Riders Waiting on Hanson Signs for reinstallation of

   the reader board.

- Walk-in Cooler Circ Fans have been replaced by Rick Baker and Hunter Tripp

- Keg Cooler- status of new temp thermostat, have in hand, Waiting Fahrenheit 101 to install

- Oven Temp Thermostat, have in  hand, Waiting Fahrenheit 101


Legion Riders: (Dave Garrett)

- Planning session Nov 5th 1PM in Wenatchee for “Thunder on the Columbia” inaugural ride Memorial

   Day Weekend

- Planning In Progress for the Rider Camp Out for Snohomish 2nd weekend of July and 2023 911 Run


Historian: (Dave Riley)

- Scrapbook is still ongoing


Old Business:

- Special Nomination/appointment for Chaplain- None

- Nominations for Color Guard-None

New Business and Correspondence:

- Nomination for E-Board, Member At Large Position 5 (2025)- Jon Wright

Good of the Legion:

- CDR Marsland- still asking to help more members know what’s going on and get involved.

  Post is now open on Sunday for football. Opens at Noon- Early games, post will open at 9AM

- Office Computers have been replaced and appear to be working in good order.

- Veterans Day at the Kitsap Pavilion Pete Gould is heading this up. Help in setting up at 9AM

- Legion Boot Camp 101- Oct 29, 9:30 AM in Port Townsend. This is for anyone or new members.

   RSVP by Oct 25.

- Kathey Bates is heading the District WDVA for Women Veterans Programs Director District III,

   Contact her  360-316-9798.

- Evergreen Boys State will be $500 and Evergreen Girls State will be $600. Legion Oratorical is still

   Ongoing. See Department Web Page for information.

 - Several Legion Scholarships went unclaimed last year. If anyone has children, grandchildren or

   know of children of the age, go the Legion Department Website and check out the scholarships



Motion to adjourn made by    Rick Baker   , seconded by _Kate Halloran_. Therefore, being no further business to come before the membership, the meeting was adjourned @  1824          .               





___ON FILE ____                                                      ___ON FILE ___

   Willie Nelson                                                               Dave Marsland

               Adjutant                                                                        Commander